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Hi, Welcome to 180DC's


Dive into the world of Management with 180DC's Counterplot to get a taste of Business Strategy. Experience an unraveling journey of thrill & learning on the 24th & 25th of July. Assemble in groups of 2-3 to test your business acumen with a mix of creativity and critical thinking. Scroll down to discover more about the three exciting events that we have lined up for you.

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Who is this event for?

This is a team-based event made exclusively for the first years of NIT Trichy (Batch of 2024). First years are welcome to participate in teams of size 2-3.

What's in it for you?

Prizes worth INR 5000+ for the top 5 teams. Top 7 teams will get an opportunity to attend an exclusive Master Class conducted by the 180 DC Core. Fun filled interaction to kick back with your friends.



Assume your alter egos as the Board of Directors of a hypothetical company. Navigate through several real-life crisis situations and save your company from the brink of shut-down. Choose your moves to minimize fallback and pass all the rounds without your company collapsing. For more details, go through the rulebook!

team size:



30 minutes


Thinking On Your Feet


Brave through an ethical breach, the media and go to bat for your company. As the board members of a leading conglomerate, face the press in a live Q&A meet and prepare a grovelling letter of apology to be published in the newspapers. For more details, go through the rulebook!

team size:



60 minutes

Thinking On Your Feet



Work in teams on a business puzzle, decipher clues and discover the underlying management concepts using your creativity. Progress in the event by going through our social media handles and websites to decode clues and reveal the checkpoints. Put your brains to the test by linking one point to another to understand the big picture. For more details, go through the rulebook!

team size:



120 minutes


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Worried about your college life? Have questions about your future? Or do you just sit and wonder about life in 
general? We're here to clarify all your queries! Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to interact with the core 
of 180DC from 3 - 8 pm on Saturday!

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Decode a business puzzle inspired by practical scenarios to analyse dynamic and niche concepts of management.

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