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We're Inducting


What do we do at 180DC?

Blunt problem-solving? Uninteresting assignments? You think!

With a sheer will to spread consulting culture in our college, there are no bounds to what we, a team of 18, do.


Every year, we undertake 3-4 project cycles, consisting of projects across diversified fields. On the other side, we better ourselves through national and international case competitions and regular case-solving!

Too good to be true? Join us in our journey and see for yourself!



Why 180DC?

If you would like to take your first steps into this incredible world of consulting, 180 Degrees Consulting is the place to be. With over 150+ branches all over the globe, 180DC is known for its stellar reputation of solving real-world high-stake business problems for clients from all walks of life.



How will 180DC's 
Inductions process
add value to you?


An Introduction to Consulting

Deep dive into the world of Consulting and get introduced to Case-Solving.

Get Personalized

Be mentored throughout the process by a Senior Consultant.

Training Sessions with Resources

Gain experience across Management, Consulting, Finance, Excel, and Case-Solving.

Opportunity to Work on a Live Project

Get your hands dirty by working on a live project with 180DC Consultants.

Taking you through our Inductions process

Training and Skill building

Undergo skill-building sessions and workshops tailored for you.

Introduction to Consulting

Get the feel of Consulting through mind-boggling guesstimates.

Live Project

Experience the thrill of working on a Live Consulting Project with 180DC.

Hear from our
Senior Consultants!

All Videos

All Videos

What are you waiting for?

Is it just another tedious inductions process to sit through?

Nope. Be all set to begin on a wonderful journey to understand the beauty of Consulting, Case-Solving, and the thrill of working on Real Projects!


Get to experience the joy of being part of 180DC right from DAY 1. So what are you waiting for?

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